Free Water Knockouts (FWKO)

Free water can cause problems like corrosion, formation of hydrates or tight emulsions which can be difficult to break. Not to be confused with a Gas Separator, a Free Water Knockout (FWKO) is a specially designed pressure vessel which uses residence time to separate water from the production process design so that all liquid moves at an even rate giving the incoming mixture of oil and free water time to separate. Built to operate in harsh and rigorous environments 24 hours a day seven days a week, Fox Tank Company offers Free Water Knockout vessels to fit the specific needs of your sites process water removal.

Please note that, unlike most of our competitors, Fox Tank Company differentiates between Free Water Knockouts and 2 & 3-Phase Separators. Our Free Water Knockouts are designed and engineered specifically to remove free water in your process, if your situation requires the separation of gas oil and water then refer to our 3-Phase Separators.

Our Free Water Knockouts are constructed using high quality carbon steel, and we test every component before any unit ships out. All of our vessels, including non-code vessels, are manufactured to ASME Section VIII specifications. Paint and coatings for all vessels are to NACE/SSPC specifications. Contact us today and let us develop the perfect solution for your application.

Free Water Knockout Capacity Chart

SizePSIInletOil OutletWater OutletGas OutletApprox. WeightBPD Liquid CapacityMM Gas Capacity
6’ x 15’1253”3”3”2”9,200 lbs9,8005
6’ x 20’1253”4”4”2”11,200 lbs12,6505
8’ x 20’1258”4”4”3”15,400 lbs23,3508.9

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