Gas Separators

Fox Tank Company’s non-heated Gas Separators are designed to meet your production requirements. Whether primary, secondary or tertiary stage separation, our Gas Separators are engineered to perform. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, Fox Tank Company offers both 2-Phase and 3-Phase gas separators. Our 2-Phase Separators separate gas from oil and water emulsion and our 3-Phase Separators are able to separate gas, oil and water.

Engineered and constructed to operate in harsh and demanding environments 24 hours a day seven days a week we offer Gas Separators to meet the needs of your process. Fox Tank Company’s Gas Separators are constructed using high quality carbon steel and we test every component before any unit ships out. All of our vessels, including non-code vessels, are manufactured to ASME Section VIII specifications. Paint and coatings for all vessels are to NACE/SSPC specifications. Contact us today and let us develop the perfect solution for your application.

Low Pressure Horizontal Gas Separator Capacity Chart

Outside DiameterLengthLiquid BBL / DayMM Gas CapacityPSI

Vertical Two-Phase Separator

Size (dia x height)PSIInletLiquid OutletGas OutletApprox. WeightBPD Liquid CapacityMM Gas Capacity
30” x 10’2504”2”4”1,000 lbs2,7005.7
36” x 10’5004”2”4”2,700 lbs2,2006
36” x 10’14404’2’4’7,500 lbs3,04525
48” x 10’1254”2”4”1,800 lbs6,90010.7
48” x 10’2506”3”6”1,800 lbs6,90014.4
48” x 10’14406”2”6”14,100 lbs5,44546

Vertical Three-Phase Separator

SizePSIInletOil OutletWater OutletGas OutletApprox. WeightBPD Liquid CapacityMM Gas Capacity
30” x 10’2504”2”2”4”1,050 lbs1,4005.7
36” x 10’1256”2”2”6”1,300 lbs2,0206.1
36” x 10’2504”2”2”4”1,300 lbs2,0208.2
36” x 10’5004”2”2”4”3,130 lbs2,2006
36” x 10’14404”2”2”4”7,550 lbs1,77525
48” x 10’1258”3”3”8”1,920 lbs2,15010.7
48” x 10’2506”3”3”6”1,950 lbs2,15014.4
48” x 10’5006”3”36”2,000 lbs2,90012

Gas Separation Equipment

Schematic and functionality.

Emulsion Heater Treaters

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