UL 142 Aboveground Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks

NFPA 30 and NFPA 30A compliant.

Built to Underwriters Laboratories specification standard UL-142.

Fox Tank Company currently offers UL 142 fuel storage tanks available in horizontal configurations up to 11,000 gallons and in vertical configurations up to 60,000 gallons. Manufactured from high quality carbon steel Fox Tank Company’s UL-142 aboveground steel storage tanks are specifically designed and engineered to provide a practical and safe method of storage for petroleum products and chemicals at your job site, warehouse, bulk plants, airport, transportation facilities or industrial site.

Our UL-142 tanks are sized with the appropriate vent openings, both normal and emergency venting, as defined under the tank’s construction standard. Tanks may be single or double wall construction depending on your needs, in double wall configurations our tanks have interstitial monitoring capabilities which indicate the physical presence of any leaked product into the outer containment wall.

With Fox Tank Company there is no need for a separate tank for diesel and gas as we also manufacture tanks with multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage. This compact and space saving design allows you more flexibility and added convenience.

Turnkey accessory packages available to make your tank plug and play directly off the truck. A variety of pump packages, solar power kits, level indicators, leak detectors, spill containments, and fill caps are available to meet your needs. Liquid tight installation provided by Fox Tank.

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UL 142 Tank Types:

  • Above ground tanks for flammable liquids
  • Above ground tank for flammable liquids on supports
  • Secondary containment aboveground tank for flammable liquids
  • Secondary containment aboveground tank for flammable liquids on supports

Optional Accessories Include

  • Pump (AC, DC, or Rotary)
  • Spill container
  • Fill Cap
  • Normal vent
  • Level gauge
  • Leak detection gauge (for double wall tanks)

Standard Size for Single and Double Wall Tanks

  • 4’ x 4’ = 325 gallon
  • 4’ x 6’ = 525 gallon
  • 4’ x 12’ = 1,050 gallon
  • 6’ x 10’ = 2,100 gallon
  • 6’ x 12’ = 2,500 gallon
  • 8’ x 20’ = 7,500 gallon
  • 8’ x 30’ = 11,250 gallon

Tanks Can Be Manufactured

  • Horizontal Cylindrical
  • Vertical Cylindrical
  • Rectangular (Box type)
  • Dikes (open top containment box for tanks)