Fox Tank's Certifications

API Certification

Fox Tank Co. holds an API Certification from American Petroleum Institute.

To receive the API-12F certification, Fox Tank Company met a series of standards that govern every aspect of the company’s management, design and manufacturing activities. By operating in conformance with these standards, Fox Tank Company has improved identifying customer requirements, designing and developing products. The API-12F certification process required the implementation of procedural changes, training, increased documentation and adjustments to operating systems of every level of the manufacturing process.

ASME Certification

Fox Tank Company of Kerrville received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Certificate of Authorization for manufacture of pressure vessels (Certificate # 46,578) on January 3, 2014. Development and early production of ASME products are currently underway in Kerrville facilities. Fox Tank Company of Kerrville is focused on growing their ASME production in the 2014 year.

UL-142 Listed

Fox Tank is listed with the Underwriters Laboratories to construct aboveground, steel, flammable liquids storage tanks. These tanks abide with most local, state, and national regulatory codes for fuel storage as defined by the 2006 edition of the International Fire Code and NFPA30. Our designed double wall construction provides a secondary form of containment to guard against damage and leakage. With each tank bearing the UL mark, you can trust that our tanks went through stringent design and vigorous testing to provide the safety your business, home, or workplace needs.