Skid Meter Runs

Skid Meter, also known as a Metering Skid or simply a Meter Skid, is a framed apparatus on which various assemblies, instruments and devices are installed such as control valves, meter prover loops, orifice plate, transmitters, beams, etc. Skids can be made up of several flow meters for metering fluid flow, and gas chromatography for analyzing and metering gaseous hydrocarbons and supplementary instrumentation can include turbine or positive displacement flow meters, back pressure and thermal relief valves, Coriolis flow meters, densitometer, air eliminator, prover connections and PLC control systems. A Meter Skid consists of pipelines, filters and any other equipment required for the metering function. Fox Tank Company’s Metering Skids are used for measuring crude or natural gas to determine financial estimates during custody transfer metering. The Meter Skid also measures the gas and decreases the pressure of the gas at metering stations.

Fox Tank Company can help you design and engineer your system to maximize your budget and provide the greatest return and we are able to customize our Skid Meter Runs based on your specifications. Engineered and constructed to operate in harsh and demanding environments 24 hours a day seven days a week we offer Skid Meter Runs to meet the needs of your process. Fox Tank Company’s Metering Skids are constructed using high quality carbon steel and every component is tested before any unit ships out. All of our vessels, including non-code vessels, are manufactured to ASME Section VIII specifications. Paint and coatings for all vessels are to NACE/SSPC specifications. Contact us today and let us develop the perfect solution for your application.